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Welcome to O²

The most unique anime NFT experience on any blockchain!

The O² Brand

We are building a web3, cross-chain, multimedia franchise exploring comic books, metaverse experiences, play-to-earn gaming, and long-term collaboration across NFT projects on a scale never before seen.
Our brand is art-centric and centered around three main core values:
  • Community
  • Utility
  • Collaboration

Why O²?

We are a couple of anime fans who wanted to bring their passion for manga and gaming into web3. Our Otakuverse will be built around our users so that anime fans, gamers, and crypto enthusiasts can all participate and thrive together.
The NFT space is saturated with projects that are focused on the present status quo - they are dependent heavily on secondary sales and are at the mercy of an incredibly volatile market. Our offerings are new, ambitious, and unique with our sights set on the future of the industry.

Building the Otakuverse

Your Otaku gives you access to:
  • An awesome community of anime fans, gamers, and crypto enthusiasts growing by the day
  • On-chain power-up training camps, cover art mints, co-writing experiences, & other utilities
  • The first indie manga publishing DAO, dedicated to funding emerging authors & artists
  • All of our comics published under the O² Comics Publishing Brand
  • Access to our 2D pixelated metaverse with interactive mini-game experiences
  • Access to all stories created for O² Studios Partners
  • Benefits from P2E Gaming Mechanics
  • Daily staking rewards of $OTAKU
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